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Social Documentary:

Ball, James Presley I,(American),Photograph of William Biggerstaff.1896.
Ball, James Presley I,(American), The Hanging of William Biggerstaff. 1896.
Ball, James Presley I,(American), Photograph of William Biggerstaff. 1896.
Life of Aunt Jemima, cover: pamphlet pub. by R.T.Davis Mill, S.Joseph, MO.
Van Der Zee, James,(American), Cousin Susan Porter. 1915.
Van Der Zee, James,(American),Couple, Harlem, whole: gelatin silver print.
Van Der Zee, James,(American), Unfinished Mortuary Portrait of Florence Mills, whole.
Polk, Prentice H.,(American), Portrait of Mildred Hanson Baker. c.1937-38.
Polk, Prentice H.,(American), Old Character Series: The Boss, 1930.
Sander, August, (German),Master Mason (Maurermeister), whole.
Dugdale, T.G., Pit Brown Girl, Shevington, whole: carte-de-visite.
Nicholls, Horace,(British), Delivering Coal,whole: gelatin silver print.
Riis, Jacob August,(Danish), Five Cent Lodgings, Bayard Street, whole: gelatin silver print.
Riis, Jacob August,(Danish),Five Cent Lodgings, Bayard Street,cf:wood engraving by Kenyon Cox from "How the Other Half Lives".
Riis, Jacob August, In the Home of an Italian Rag-Picker, New York,whole: gelatin-silver print.
Thomson, John,(British), Crawlers from Street Life in London,whole: woodburytype.
Johnston, Frances Benjamin,(American), Hampton Institute: Students at Work on the Stairway, whole: gelatin silver print.
Barnardo, Thomas John,(British), Before-and-After Photographs of a Young Boy, view of two photographs.
Hine, Lewis,(American), Italian Family, Ellis Island,whole.
Stieglitz, Alfred,(American), Steerage,whole: photogravure in "291" no.7-8 (1915).
Hine, Lewis,(American),Bowery Mission Bread Line,whole: gelatin-silver print.
Hine, Lewis,(American),Ten-Year-Old Spinner, North Carolina Cotton Mill, whole: gelatin silver print.
Hine, Lewis,(American), Some Adolescents in a Georgia Cotton Mill,whole: from Southerners of Tomorrow The Survey October 2, 1909.
Hine, Lewis,(American),Breaker Boys in a Coal Mine, South Pittston, PA, whole: gelatin silver print.
Hine, Lewis,(American), Powerhouse Mechanic, whole: gelatin silver print.


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