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Cartier-Bresson, Henri,(French) Paris, Gare S. Lazare,whole - gelatine silver print.
Cartier-Bresson, Henri,(French),Alicante, Spain, whole - gelatine silver print.
Evans, Walker,(American), Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 1935.
Arbus, Diane, (American),Mother Holding Her Child, NJ, whole: gelatin silver print.
Arbus, Diane,(American),Nudist lady with Swan sunglasses.PA.whole.
Arbus, Diane,(American),Patriotic Young Man with a Flag, N.Y.C.whole.
Pollock, Jackson,(American), Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950,whole.
Lichtenstein, Roy,(American),Look Mickey.1961.
Arbus, Diane,(American), Untitled [5],whole.
Arbus, Diane,(American), Untitled [7], whole.
Brassai,(Hungarian), Bijou, Paris, whole: gelatine-silver print.
Model, Lisette,(American, born Austria),Promenade des Anglais, Nice, whole.
Arbus, Diane, (American), Lady at a Masked Ball with Two Roses on her Dress, N.Y.C.,whole.
Weegee,(American born Poland),Critic (Mrs. Cavanaugh and Friend), whole: gelatin silver print.
Weegee,(American born Poland),Their First Murder,whole: gelatin silver print.
Weegee, (American), Naked City, pg: Murder in Hell's Kitchen: detail of victim.
Weegee,(American born Poland),Tenement Fire, December 14, 1939, whole: gelatin silver print.
Riis, Jacob August, (American b.Denmark), Cave Dweller: Man Slept in this Cellar for About Four Years, detail: gelatin silver print.
Weegee,(American born Poland),Arrested for Bribing Basketball Players,whole: gelatin silver print.
Weegee, (American), Naked City,pg: two page spread of various spectators.
Smith, W. Eugene,(American), Marines under Fire, Saipan, whole: gelatin silver print.
Smith, W. Eugene,(American), Wounded, Dying Infant Found by U.S. Soldiers in Saipan Mountains, whole.
Smith, W. Eugene,(American), Walk to Paradise Garden,whole, 1946.


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