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Photography Revolution:

Bragaglia, Anton Giulio, c1890-1960, (Italian)  Typist 
Bragaglia, Anton Giulio, c1890-1960, (Italian)  Searching (Cercando)
Lissitsky, El, 1890-1941, (Russian)  Constructor
Rodchenko, Aleksandr M., 1891-1956, (Russian)  At a Telephone
Rodchenko, Aleksandr M., 1891-1956, (Russian)  Assembling for a Demonstration
Rodchenko, Aleksandr M., 1891-1956, (Russian) Chauffeur, Karelia 
Ignatovich, Boris, (Ukrainian), 1899-1976  At Work 
anonymous, (former Soviet Union), 20c  Worker Hero
Rodchenko, Aleksandr M., 1891-1956, (Russian) Pioneer with a Horn 
Klucis, Gustav G., 1895-1944, (Russian) Let Us Fulfull the Pan of the Great Projects
Heartfield, John, (German), 1891-1968  All Fists Have Been Cletched As One
Heartfield, John, (German), 1891-1968  Adolf-Der Ubermensch Schluckt Gold & Redet Blech, 7/17/32
Heartfield, John, (German), 1891-1968 Millionen Stehen Hinter Mir. Der Sinn Des Hitlergrusses
Heartfield, John, 1891-1968, (German)  Hurrah, The Butter is Finished 
Hoffmann, Heinrich, 1862-1957, (German)  National Socialist Party Congress 
(German) untitled
anonymous, 20c, (Italian) Gymnastics in the Gil Colony (Gioventu Italiano del Littorio)
Terragni, Giuseppe, 1904-1943, (Italian) Photomontage Mural for the Exposition of the Facist Revolution 
Blossfeldt, Karl, 1865-1932, (German)  Impatiens Glandulifera, Balsamine, Springkraut 
Renger-Patzsch, Albert, 1897-1966, (German) Warming Irons from the Fagus Workshop 
Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo, (Hungary), Bauhaus, 1895-1946 Photogram 
Ray, Man, 1890-1976, (American) Rayograph 
Ray, Man, (American), 1890-1976 Rrose Selavy (Marcel Duchamp) 
Ray, Man, 1890-1976, (American) Andre Breton 
Ubac, Raoul, (Belgian), 1910-  Battle of the Amazons
Ray, Man, 1890-1976, (American)  Neck
Ray, Man, 1890-1976, (American) Photograph 


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