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Course Name: History of Photography

Prof:{ Butterfield}

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Picturing Society
U.S. Exploration
European Exploration
Art Photography I
Art Photography II
Photography Revolution
Face of Our Time
Social Documentary
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Social Doc / New Vision
Pop Culture
Natural and Cultural Landscapes
Body/ Body Political Virtual Art Photography

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Lecture: Pop Culture

Smith, W. Eugene, 1918-1978, (American) , Spanish Village- Photo Essay , The Wake, 1951.
Smith, W. Eugene, 1918-1978, (American) , Three soldiers with the Spanish Guardia Civil , 1950
Smith, W. Eugene, 1918-1978, (American) , Spanish Village--Photo Essay , from April 9, 1951 Life magazine: pp122-3 double page spread
Smith, W. Eugene, 1918-1978, (American) , Spanish Village- Photo Essay , The Spinner , 1951
Capa, Robert, 1913-1954, (American) , Soldier at the Moment of Death, Spanish Civil War , 1936
Capa, Robert, 1913-1954, (American) , Normandy Invasion , 1944
Larrabee, Constance Stuart,, b.1914, (American) , Collaborator, St. Tropez, South France. , August 27, 1944
Jacobs, Charles Fenno,, 1904-1975, (American) , Japanese Prisoner Bathing on the U.S.S. New Jersey, World War II., December, 1944
Mole & Thomas , The Human U.S. Shield. , 1918
Strunnikov, Serguei,, (Soviet) , Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, "Tania", A Partisan Tortured by Fascists, December 1914, World War II.
Ut, Nick, (American (?)), 1951- , Terror of War, Vietnam (Children Fleeing a Napalm Strike), 1972
Adams, Eddie, 1933-, (American) , Viet Cong Executed , 1968
Gardner, Alexander, 1821-1882, (American) , Lewis Payne in sweater, seated and manacled, a Conspirator in Lincoln's Assassination , albumen print
Steichen, Edward, 1879-1973, (American) , Self Portrait with Brush and Palette, Paris
Steichen, Edward, 1879-1973, (American) , Anna May Wong , 1930
Brancusi, Constantin, 1876-1957, (Romanian) , Beginning of the World , polished bronze , 1924
Ray, Man, (American), 1890-1976 , Model Reclining before Ray's "Observatory Time" , whole: published in November 1936 Harper's Bazaar p.63
Steichen, Edward, 1879-1973, (American) , Douglas Cigarette Lighters
Sheeler, Charles, (American), 1883-1965 Ford Plant, Detroit
Sheeler, Charles, 1883-1965, (American) , Classic Landscape , 1931
20th Century, (American) Jamaica Tourist Board Ad. N.Y. Times Magazine, November, 30, 1980
20th Century, (American) Bloomingdales Catalog, "Great Wall sweater", 1980
Beaton, Cecil, 1904-1980, (English) , Marlene Dietrich
Steichen, Edward, 1879-1973, (American) , Gloria Swanson, New York
Geppetti, Marcello, (Italian), d1998 , Anita Ekberg Fights with Paparazzi with Bows and Arrows , 1961
Geppetti, Marcello, (Italian), d1998 , Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton discovered in 1962
Warhol, Andy, 1928-, (American) , Publicity Still of Marilyn Monroe marked by Warhol for Cropping
Warhol, Andy, 1928-, (American) , Gold Marilyn Monroe , synthetic polymer, silkscreen and oil on canvas
Warhol, Andy, 1928-, (American) , Marilyn Monroe


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