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Picturing Society
U.S. Exploration
European Exploration
Art Photography I
Art Photography II
Photography Revolution
Face of Our Time
Social Documentary
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Social Doc / New Vision
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Natural and Cultural Landscapes
Body/ Body Political Virtual Art Photography

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European Exploration:

Clausel, Alexandre Jean Pierre, 1802-1884, (French) Untitled - probably near Troyes
Silvy, Camille de, act. 1858-1869, (French) Valley of the Huisne, France
LeGray, Gustave, 1820-1882, (French) Imperial Yacht, "La Reine Hortense".Le Havre
Le Secq, Jean Louis Henri, 1818-1882, (French)  Dieppe Harbor
LeGray, Gustave, 1820-1882, (French) Old Oak in Forest of Fontainebleau
LeGray, Gustave, 1820-1882, (French) Great Wave--Cette
Soulier, Charles, bef.1840-aft.1876, (French) Gorge of the Tamine
Bisson Pere et Fils Ascent of Mt. Blanc (Passage des Echelles)
Du Camp, Maxime, 1822-1894, (French) Colossus of Abu-Simbel, Nubia
Du Camp, Maxime, 1822-1894, (French) Sphinx
Frith, Francis, 1822-1898, (British) Sphinx and the Great Pyramids
Frith, Francis, 1822-1898, (British) Pyramids of Dashoor: from the East, 1858 
Frith, Francis, 1822-1898, (British) Traveller's Boat at Ibrim
Frith, Francis, 1822-1898, (British) Entrance to the Great Temple, Luxor
Frith, Francis, 1822-1898, (British) Statues of the Plains: Thebes
Frith, Francis, 1822-1898, (British) Fallen Colossus, Ramasseum, Thebes
Beato, Antonio, c1825-1903, (born Italy, active England) Interior of Temple of Horus, Edfu
Beato, Antonio, c1825-1903, (born Italy, active England) First Court of the Temple of Karnak
LeGray, Gustave, 1820-1882, (French) Karnak: Pillars of the Great Hall
Bechard, Henri, act.1869-80, (French) Ascending the Great Pyramid
Frith, Francis, 1822-1898, (British) Pyramids from the Southwest, Giza
Bonfils family Dead Sea, A View of the Expanse
Bonfils family Magasin de tapis..?., au Caire 
Bonfils family Dames syriennes dans leur interieur
Bourne, Samuel, 1834-1912, (British) Boulders on the Road to Muddun Mahal
Bourne, Samuel, 1834-1912, (British) Valley & Snowy Peaks Seen from the Hampta Pass Spiti Side.


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