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Hill & Adamson, East Gable of Cathedral and St.Rule's Tower, St. Andrews, 1846.
Baldus, Edouard Denis,(French), Abbey and Town of Saint Antoine en Dauphine, whole: calotype.
Hill, David Octavius,(British),Misses Binny and Miss Monro, whole: calotype.
Baldus, Edouard Denis,(French),Album of the Chemins de Fer de Paris a Lyon et a la Mediterranee, c.1855-56.
Fenton, Roger,(British),Valley of the Shadow of Death, whole - salted paper print.
Gardner, Alexander, (American), Dead Confederate Soldier, Gettysburg, PA, whole.
Fenton, Roger,(British), Harbour of Balaklava, Cattle Pier - Crimea, whole - albumen print.
Brebisson, Louis Alphonse de,(French),Study of a Forest Path, whole: albumen on glass negative.
Hillers, John K., (American), Shini-Mo Altar from Brink of Marble Canyon, Colorado River, whole: albumen print.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H.,(American), Ancient Ruins in the Canon De Chelle, NM., whole.
Du Camp, Maxime,(French), Colossus of Abu-Simbel, Nubia,whole: print by L.D. Blanquart-Evrard from calotype negative.
Hillers, John K.,(American), Jack Hillers examining a glass plate negative, photo by Grove Gilbert or Almon Harris Thompson.
Bertillon, Alphonse,(French), Service d'identification. Exposition universelle de Chicago,plate: Classification Cabinets , Paris Prefecture of Police.
Galton, Francis, Sir,(English), Criminal by Havelock Ellis,frontispiece: Galtonian composite photograph.
Byrnes, Thomas,(American),Professional Criminals of America, nos.115-120: famous female shoplifters and pick pockets.
anonymous, 20c, (British), Postcards of the Ainu People from the Japan-British Exhibition of 1910,two images; In the Ainu Home and Feast of the Bear, Ainu Home.
Bonaparte, Roland Napoleon, Prince,(French),Billy, One of Nine Aborigines from Queensland, whole.
anonymous, 19c, Rodiya Girls, Sri Lanka, whole.
Braquehais, Bruno,(French),Academic Study with "Venus de Milo". c.1854.
anonymous, 19c, Nude, whole: hand-colored stereoscopic daguerreotype.
Sarony, Napoleon,(American), Eugene Sandow with a Leopard Skin (Posing as the Farnese Hercules), whole: albumen print.


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