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History of Photography:

Prof: Butterfield


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Art Photography I:

Braun, Adolphe,(French) Holbein's Dead Christ, whole: albumen print
Durieu, Jean-Louis-Marie-Eugene,Academy (French), whole: calotype, models posed by Eugene Delacroix.
Krone, Hermann, (German), Still Life of the Washerwoman whole: albumen print
Fenton, Roger,(British) Still Life of Fruit whole: albumen print
Rejlander, Oscar Gustave,(Sweden, active England),Two Ways of Life, whole: combination albumen print
Raphael,(Italian),School of Athens,whole
Rejlander, Oscar Gustave,(Sweden, active England), Hard Times,whole: combination albumen print.
Robinson, Henry Peach,(British), Lady of Shalott, whole - albumen print
Millais, Sir John Everett,(British), Ophelia,whole.
Robinson, Henry Peach,(British),Fading Away whole: albumen print from five negatives
Emerson, Peter Henry,(British),Coming Home from the Marshes, from the Norfolk Broads, whole
Emerson, Peter Henry,(British, born Cuba),Water Lilies, whole: platinum print.
Carroll, Lewis, (British),Edith, Lorina and Alice Lidell,whole: albumen print.
Carroll, Lewis, (British),Alice Liddell as a Beggar Child,whole.
Carroll, Lewis, (British),Irene MacDonald, whole: albumen print.
Carroll, Lewis, (British),Beatrice Hatch,whole: albumen print with applied color.
Carroll, Lewis, (British),Portrait of Evelyn Hatch,whole.
Cameron, Julia Margaret,(British),Double Star, whole - albumen print.
Cameron, Julia Margaret,(British),The Return After 3 Days.(In process)
Hawarden, Clementina,(British), Photographic Study [Photographer's Daughters? as Man and Woman],early 1860's.
Hawarden, Clementina, (British), Photographic Study [Two Women on Porch],whole.(In process)
Hawarden, Clementina, (British), Photographic Study [Photographer's Daughter Looking at Reflection in Mirror], whole.(In process)
Hawarden, Clementina, (British), Photographic Study [Photographer's Daughters in Costume? Against Wall],whole.
Hawarden, Clementina, (British),Clementina Maude, whole: albumen-silver print.
Hawarden, Clementina, (British),Young Girl with Mirror Reflection,whole: albumen print


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