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History of Photography:

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Art Photography II:

Davison, George,(British),Onion Field, whole: gravure print.
Scharf, Otto,(German),Rhine Street, Krefeld, whole: gum bichromate print.
Stieglitz, Alfred,(American),Winter on Fifth Avenue, NY,whole: gelatin-silver print from entire negative.
Steichen, Edward,(American),Woods Interior,whole: platinum print.
Stieglitz, Alfred, (American),Camera Work, Picasso drawing; Piccabia Star Dancer..Venice by Steichen, Two Towers by Stieglitz.
Stieglitz, Alfred, (American),Steerage,whole - photogravure.
Stieglitz, Alfred,(American),Flatiron Building,whole - photogravure on vellum. 
Steichen, Edward,(American),Flatiron Building, whole: gum bichromate over platinum print. 
Steichen, Edward,(American),Flatiron Building,whole: gum bichromate over platinum print.
Coburn, Alvin Langdon,(British),Octopus,whole: platinum print
Stieglitz, Alfred,(American),Paula or Sun Rays (interior), whole: gelatin-silver print.
Steichen, Edward, (American),Rodin-Le Penseur, whole.
Stieglitz, Alfred,(American),A Portrait (6)[Georgia O'Keefe], whole - Palladio.
Stieglitz, Alfred,(American),Hands with Thimble(Georgia O'Keeffe),whole - palladium print.
Stieglitz, Alfred,(American),Georgia O'Keeffe: A Portrait, whole - Palladio.
Strand, Paul,(American), Rebecca,whole - platinum print.
Strand, Paul,(American), Trees and White Farm House, CT.1915 - 1916.
Strand, Paul,(American),Lower Broadway,New York, whole.
Strand, Paul,(American),Blind Woman, New York, whole.
Strand, Paul,(American), Man, Five Points Square, New York,whole - satista print.
Strand, Paul, (American),New York, whole: platinum print.
Strand, Paul,(American),Abstraction, Bowls, Twin Lakes, Connecticut,whole - platinum print.
Strand, Paul,(American),Double Akeley, NY,whole: gelatin-silver print.
Stieglitz, Alfred,(American), Equivalent: Mountains and Sky, Lake George, 1924.
Coburn, Alvin Langdon,(British),Vortograph No.1whole: gelatin-silver print.
Stieglitz, Alfred,(American),Marcel Duchamp, Fountain,whole: gelatin silver print.
Armory Show, Poster or Brochure cover
Duchamp, Marcel,(French) Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2 whole.
Marey, Etienne Jules, (French),Chronophotograph: Running Broad Jump.
Kasebier, Gertrude,(American),Picture Book,whole: gravure print.
Kasebier, Gertrude,(American),Blessed Art Thou Among Woman, whole.
Kasebier, Gertrude,(American),Manger whole: platinotype on Japan tissue, 1910
Hawarden, Clementina, (British), Photographic Study [Photographer's Daughter in Costume and as Reflected in Mirror], whole.


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