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History of Photography

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Picturing Society
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Picturing Society:

Nadar, 1820-1910, (French)  George Sand
 Nadar, 1820-1910, (French) Photographer's Wife
 Pierson, Louis, 1818-1913, (French)  Countess Castiglione
 Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, 1819-1889, (French) Unidentified Woman
Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, 1819-1899, (French) Carte-de-visite camera
Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, 1819-1889, (French) Adelaide Ristori as Medea Carte de Visite
 Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, 1819-1889, (French) Napoleon III
Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, 1819-1889, (French)  Adelaide Ristori as Medea Carte de Visite
 anonymous, 19c, (American) Portrait of Workers
 Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, 1819-1889, (French)  Portrait of a Ballerina
London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co. Prince and Princess of Wales at Sandringham
 Photography Stereoscope
Sarony, Napoleon, 1821-1896, (American)  Sarah Bernhardt
Reynolds, Joshua, 1723-1792, (British) Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse
 Cameron, Julia Margaret, 1815-1879, (British) Astronomer: Sir John Herschel
Cameron, Julia Margaret, 1815-1879, (British) Mrs. Herbert Duckworth, Mother of Virginia Woolf
Cameron, Julia Margaret, 1815-1879, (British)  Mary Hillier
 Brady, Mathew, c1823-1896, (American)  Thomas Cole
 Brady, Mathew, c1823-1896, (American) Walt Whitman
 Zealy, J.T., (American), act.1850s  Jack, Guinea, Plantation of B.F. Taylor Esq. Columbia S.C.
Canaletto, 1697-1768, (Italian) Rome: Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum
 MacPherson, Robert, 1811-1872, (British)  Arco dei Pantani on Forum of Augustus
Brady, Mathew, c1823-1896, (American)  John C. Calhoun
 Brady, Mathew, c1823-1896, (American) Cooper Union Portrait - Abraham Lincoln
 anonymous, 19c, (American) Seventy Celebrated Americans including all the Presidents
 Zealy, J.T., (American), act.1850s Drana, Country Born, Daughter of Jack Guinea, Plantation of B.F. Taylor, Colombia, SC
anonymous, 19c, (American) Sojourner Truth Seated with Knitting
Nadar, 1820-1910, (French)  Motherhood (Nadar's Son Paul with Mme. Auguste Lefranc


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