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O'Sullivan, Timothy H., 1840-1882, (American) Ancient Ruins in the Canon De Chelle, NM. 
anonymous, 19c, (British) Anthropometric Studies: Ellen, South Australian Aboriginal Female 
Zealy, J.T., (American), act.1850s Alfred, Foulah, Belonging to I. Lomas, Columbia S.C. 
Zealy, J.T., (American), act.1850s Alfred, Foulah, Belonging to I. Lomas, Columbia S.C. 
Zealy, J.T., (American), act.1850s "Renty", Congo, on plantation of B.F. Taylor, Colombia, SC 
(American), Hunnewell, Walter Four Prints of a Brazilian Woman, Manaus, Brazil
anonymous, 19c  Andaman Islanders, Bay of Bengal, India 
Villaba, Ricardo, ac.1890, (Bolivian?)  Hand-colored Carte-de-Visite of Aymara Indians 
O'Sullivan, Timothy H., 1840-1882, (American) Apaches "ready for the war-path" 
anonymous, 19c, (American) Frozen body of Sioux Chief Big Foot killed at Wounded Knee 
Curtis, Edward Sheriff, 1868-1952, (American) Vanishing Race 
(American), Dixon, Joseph Kossuth, 1856-1926 Sunset of a Dying Race (photograph from the Wanamaker Expedition of Citizenship)
Curtis, Edward Sheriff, 1868-1952, (American) Blanket Weaver, Navaho, Taken in Summer When the Looms Were Erected Outdoors 
Wimar, Charles Ferdinand, 1828-1862, (American) Buffalo Dance
Curtis, Edward Sheriff, 1868-1952, (American) Slow Bull, an Ogala Sioux 
King, Charles Bird, 1785-1862, (American) Young Omahaw, Little Missouri and Pawnees
anonymous, 19c, (American On Arrival at Hampton, Va.: Carrie Anderson - 12 yrs., Annie Dawson - 10 yrs., and Sarah Walker - 13 yrs.
anonymous, 19c, (American) Fourteen Months After, Hampton, Virginia 
Stone, Benjamin, Sir, 1838-1914, (British) Group of Batwa Pygmies w/Members of Parliament on the Terrace of the House of Commons
anonymous, 19c, (American) Red Cloud, Buffalo Bill Cody, and American Horse at Madison Square Garden, New York
Place & Coover  Portrait Types of the Midway Plaisance
Place & Coover Portrait of the Midway Plaisance
anonymous, 20c, (American?) Bontoc Igorots Killing a Dog for a Feast, Phillipine Reservation, St. Louis Exposition
anonymous, 20c, (British) Postcards of the Ainu People from the Japan-British Exhibition of 1910 
Grabill, John H., (American) Kwakiutl Indian David Hunt Dancing as a Hamatsa (cannibal), World Columbian Exposition, Chicago 
Grabill, John H., (American) Kwakiutl Indian David Hunt Dancing as a Hamatsa (cannibal), World Columbian Exposition, Chicago 


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