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Social Doc / New Vision:

Lange, Dorothea,(American), In a Camp of Migratory Pea Pickers,whole.
Lange, Dorothea,(American), Migrant Mother, three different views.
Rothstein, Arthur, (American),Farmer & Son Walking in Face of Dust Storm, Cimarron Co.,OK, whole: gelatin silver print.
Rothstein, Arthur, (American), Skull, Badlands, South Dakota, whole: gelatin silver print.
Shahn, Ben,(American), Cotton Pickers, Pulaski County, Arkansas, whole: gelatin silver print.
Shahn, Ben,(American),Children of a Destitute Ozark Sharecropper.
Shahn, Ben,(American), Rehabilitation Client, Boone County, Arkansas,whole: gelatin-silver print.
Lange, Dorothea,(American), Migratory Cotton Picker, Eloy, Arizona,whole.
Evans, Walker,(American), Graveyard, Houses and Steel Mill, Bethlehem, PA, whole.
Evans, Walker,(American),Window Display, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,whole: gelatin silver print.
Evans, Walker,(American),Wood & His Family, Hale Co. Alabama.
Evans, Walker,(American),Allie Mae Burrough, Wife of Cotton Sharecropper, Hale Co.,AL,whole - gelatin silver print.
Evans, Walker(American),Washroom & Dining Area in Floyd Burrough's Home, Hale Co, AL, whole - gelatin silver print.
Evans, Walker,(American), Child's Grave. Hale County, ALA. 1936.
Evans, Walker,(American), Sharecropper, Hale County, ALA., 1936.
Evans, Walker,(American),Subway Portrait, whole. gelatin silver print.
Frank, Robert,(American),Trolley, New Orleans, whole: gelatin silver print.
Frank, Robert,(American), The Americans, City Fathers, Hoboken New Jersey, 1955-1956.
Frank, Robert,(American), Political Rally, Chicago,whole: gelatin silver print.
Frank, Robert,(American), Parade, Hoboken, New Jersey, whole.
Frank, Robert,(American), The Americans, Chicago, 1955-1956.
Frank, Robert,(American),The Americans,Crosses on Scene of Highway Accident, US 91, Idaho.


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