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20th Century Art in America and Europe 1945 to Now:

Prof: Kavky


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Jasper Johns (b. 1930)
Photo of Johns with Flag and Target with Plaster Casts, 1955
Flag, 1954-5, encaustic, oil and collage on canvas
René Magritte, The Human Condition, 1934, o/c
Three Flags, 1958, encaustic, oil and collage on canvas
Flag Above White, 1955, encaustic, oil and collage on canvas
White Flag, 1955, encaustic, oil, and collage on canvas
Target with Four Faces, 1955, encaustic and collage on canvas with plaster casts
Canvas, 1956, oil and canvas
John Peto, Mr. Abraham Wiltsie¹s Rack Picture, 1879, o/c
Gray Alphabets, 1956, o/c
Gray Alphabets detail
False Start, 1959, o/c
Magritte.  The Key of Dreams, 1936, o/c
Marcel Duchamp.  Bicycle Wheel, 1913
Target with Plaster Casts, 1955, encaustic and collage on canvas with plaster casts
Light Bulb, 1958, sculptmetal
Flashlight IV, 1961, sculptmetal
Savarin Can, 1960, painted bronze
Ballantine Ale, 1960, painted bronze
According to What, 1964, o/c with objects
Duchamp, Tu m¹, 1918, o/c
Souvenir, 1964, mixed media
Study for Skin I, 1962, charcoal, oil
Duchamp, With My Tongue in My Cheek, 1959, drawing and plaster cast


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