20th Century Art in America and Europe 1945 to Now:

Prof: Kavky


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Rauschenberg, Robert
1. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), Female Figure (blueprint) b1925
2. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), 1925-, White Painting, as hung.
3. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), b1925-, Automobile Tire Print, view.
4. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), b1925 Automobile Tire Print detail, 1951
5. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), b1925-, Untitled (Glossy Black Painting),whole
6. Rauschenberg, Robert, b.1925-, (American), Red Painting, whole.
7. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), 1925-, Dirt Painting for John Cage, whole.
8. Rauschenberg, Robert, 1925-, (American), Erased de Kooning drawing,, whole: with frame and label.
9. Rauschenberg, Robert, b.1925, (American), Rebus, whole.
10.Rauschenberg, Robert, 1925-, (American), Bed, whole.
11.Rauschenberg, Robert, 1925-, (American), Monogram, whole.
12. Rauschenberg, Robert, 1925-, (American) Monogram: First State whole-no longer extant
13. Rauschenberg, Robert, 1925-, (American),Monogram: Second State, whole-no longer extant.
14. Rauschenberg, Robert, b.1925, (American), Canyon, whole.
15.Rembrandt, 1606-1669, (Dutch), Rape of Ganymede, whole.
16. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), 1925-, Factum I, whole.
17. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), 1925-, Factum II, whole.
18. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), 1925-, Mona Lisa, whole
19. Rauschenberg, Robert, b.1925, (American),Dante Drawing, whole: Canto XXXI. Inferno.
20. Rauschenberg, Robert, b.1925, (American), Retroactive II, whole.
21. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), 1925- , Persimmon, whole
22. Rauschenberg, Robert, (American), 1925- ,Pelican, Rauschenberg on skates during performance, May 24-26, 1965 in New York.


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