Arth 287

20th Century Art in America and Europe 1945 to Now:

Prof: Kavky

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Lecture Name: Slide List 10: Minimalism


Barnett Newman

Outcry, 1958

Ellsworth Kelley

Diagonal with Curve, 1978

Frank Stella (b. 1936)

Tomlinson Court Park, 1959, enamel on canvas

Photo of Stella painting in 1959

Newstead Abbey, 1960, aluminum paint on canvas

Lake City, 1960-1, metallic powder in polymer emulsion on canvas

Donald Judd (1928-1994)

Untitled, 1965, ink on paper

Untitled, 1964, lacquer on steel

Untitled, 1966, galvinized iron (stack piece)

Untitled, 1969, stainless steel and amber Plexiglas (wall piece) (in process)

Albert Speer

Nurnberg Party Congress Grounds, Colonade; 1935,

distant view

Frank Stella, Die Fahne Hoch, 1959, enamel on canvas

Robert Morris

Poster for Castelli/Sonnabend Gallery Exhibition, April, 1974

Dan Flavin (1933-96)

The Diagonal of May 25, 1963, 1963, fluorescent light (in process)

Tony Smith (1912-1980)

Die, 1962, steel

Robert Morris (b. 1931)

Columns, 1961, painted plywood

Installation at Green Gallery, NY, 1964

Cloud, 1962, painted plywood

Corner Piece, 1964, painted plywood

Untitled, 65-70, painted plywood (in process)

Untitled, 1965, Plexiglas mirrors on wood

Carl Andre (b. 1935)

Ladder No. 1, 1958

Brancusi, Endless Column, 1918

Stile, 1975.

Equivalent VII, 1966.

Equivalents, 1966, firebrick, installation at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery, NY

Cuts, 1967, firebrick, installation at the Dwan Gallery, LA

Lever, 1966, firebrick

Secant, 1977, Douglas fir timbers

Zinc-Zinc Plane, 1969, zinc

Tony Smith

We Lost, 1962-74, steel, (U of Penn till last year)

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