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20th Century Art in America and Europe 1945 to Now:

Prof: Kavky


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Slide List 3: The New York School / Sculpture:

David Smith
Smith, David, 1906-1965, (American) Smith with Hudson River Landscape
Photo of artist with Hudson River Landscape, 1951
Hudson River Landscape, 1951, steel
Blackburn--Song of An Irish Blacksmith, 1949-50, steel and bronze alternate view
Hero, 1951-2, steel
Tanktotem I, 1952, steel
The Rape, 1945, bronze
War Landscape, 1947, bronze
Drawing from c. 1940
Zig IV, 1961, painted steel, Lincoln Center alternate view
Cubi XVIII, XIX, 1963-4, stainless steel
Louise Bourgeois and Alberto Giacometti (all works by Bourgeois except when indicated it is by Giacometti)
Giacometti, Alberto, 1901-1966, (Swiss) Couple - Man and Woman
Bourgeois, Louise, 1911- Listening One
The Listening One, c. 1947-9, bronze
Giacometti. Couple: Man and Woman, 1928-9
Femme-Maison, c. 1946-7, ink on paper
Femme-Maison, 1981, marble
Pregnant Woman, 1947-9
Giacometti. Spoon Woman, 1926, bronze
Femme Couteau (Knife Woman), 1982
Giacometti. Disagreeable Object, 1931, wood
Giacometti. Suspended Ball, 1930-1 detail
Fillette, 1968, latex
Robert Mapplethorpe. Louise Bourgeois, 1982, gelatin silver print
Destruction of the Father, 1974, detail of installation
Isamu Noguchi
Kouros, 1945, pink Georgia marble
Bolt of Lightening, 1982, Philadelphia


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