Arth 287

20th Century Art in America and Europe 1945 to Now:

Prof: Kavky

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Slide List 11: Grids: Modernism and Post-Modernism


Ad Reinhardt (1913-67)

Number 88, 1950, o/c

Blue Painting, 1953, o/c

Red Painting, 1953, o/c

Black Painting, 1962, o/c

Agnes Martin (b. 1912)

The Dark River, 1961, oil and pencil on canvas

The Rose, 1964, oil and pencil on canvas, PMA

Night Sea, 1963, oil and gold leaf on canvas

Robert Ryman (b. 1930)

Stretched Drawing, 1963, charcoal and pencil on canvas

Untitled, 1961, oil on wood

Distributor, 1985, oil on fiberglass with wood and aluminum

Pace, 1984

Sol LeWitt (b. 1928)

Wall Grid, 1964,

Untitled Cube 6, 1968, metal and paint

Sculpture Series A, 1967

All Combinations of Arcs from Four Corners, Arcs from Four Sides, Straight Lines, Not Straight Lines . . ., 1976, wall drawing




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