Arth 287

20th Century Art in America and Europe 1945 to Now:

Prof: Kavky


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Jackson Pollock (1912-1956)
Photo of Pollock as Cowboy, c. 1927-8
Pollock. Going West, 1934-5
Thomas Hart-Benton. Arts of the West, 1932, mural
Pollock. Untitled Drawing, 1931-4
Artists in Exile, NY, 1942, photograph
André Masson. Automatic Drawing, 1924
Pablo Picasso. Guernica, 1937
Pollock. Psychoanalytic Drawings, 1938-40
Pollock ,Number 1A (added)

Pollock. Number I, 1948, oil and enamel on canvas, MoMA; detail

Pollock. Male and Female, 1942, o/c, PMA
Picasso. Three Dancers, 1925, o/c
Pollock. Moon Woman Cuts the Circle, 1943, o/c
Mask. Hooper Bay, Alaska, painted wood and feathers.
Pollock. Guardians of the Secret, 1943, o/c
Pollock. Pasiphaë, 1943, o/c, Met.
Pollock. Mural, 1943, University of Iowa
Cave painting, Castillo Spain
Pollock. Autumn Rhythm, 1950, o/c, Met
Hans Namuth. Pollock in his Studio, 1950, photograph



Willem de Kooning (1904-1997)
Photo of the artist
Photos of artist in 1952
Seated Woman, 1940, oil and charcoal on composition board, PMA
Excavation, 1950, oil and enamel on canvas
Woman I, 1950-2, o/c, MoMA; detail
Woman I, 1952-3, o/c head and shoulder
Woman V (added)
Venus of Willendorf, Paleolithic
Marilyn Monroe, 1954, o/c
Studies for ³Woman² 1950, mixed media
Study for Woman. 1950 mixed matl.
Gotham News, 1955, oil, enamel, charcoal and newspaper transfer on canvas; detail



Lee Krasner (1908-1984)
photos of Willem and Elaine de Kooning, 1950; Pollock and Lee Krasner, 1950
photo of Lee Krasner in Hans Hofmann¹s Studio, early 1940s
photo, In hans Hofmann's Studio
Krasner.  Noon, 1946, o/c



Franz Kline (1910-62)
Photo of artist in 1952
Nijinsky as Petrushka, c. 1948, o/c
Untitled II, 1952, Brush and ink and tempera on cut and pasted paper, MoMA
New York, 1953, o/c


revised: February 22, 2001