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Class #7:

1.(Greek)  Acropolis Reconstruction: drawing from above
2.Pantheon ext: facade
3.(Roman), Republican Man Found at Auximum (Osimo) 
4.(Roman), Republican Bust of an Unknown Man 
5.(Roman), Augustan  Female Head
6.(Roman), Augustan Portrait of Elderly Woman
7.(Roman), Republican Bust of Unkown Roman
8.(Roman), Republican Bust of Unkown Man
9. (Etruscan), Etrusco-Roman Male Portrait from Caere, Sanctuary of Manganello 
10.(Etruscan), Etrusco-Roman Male Portrait from Caere, Sanctuary of Manganello 
11.(Roman), Republican Head of an Old Man 
12. (Roman), Republican Head of an Old Man 
13.(Etruscan), Etrusco-Roman Aulus Metellus "The Orator"
14.(Etruscan), Etrusco-Roman Aulus Metellus "The Orator"
15.(Etruscan), Etrusco-Roman Brutus 
16.(Etruscan), Etrusco-Roman Brutus 
17.(Roman), Republican Togatus with Busts of his Ancestors
18.(Roman), Republican Togatus with Busts of his Ancestors
19.(Greek), Lysippus, -c330 BC, attributed Socrates 
20.Polycleitos, (Greek), -450BC- -400BC  Doryphorus 
21.(Greek), Classical 4thc Socrates 
22.(Greek), Classical 4thc  Socrates
23.Kresilas, (Greek) Pericles 
24. Polycleitos, (Greek), -450BC- -400BC Doryphorus 
25. Roman Portraits. Augustus (Comercial)
26.Augustus type hairstyles
27.Roaman Portrait. Bust of Augustus. C. 50-60 AD (Comercial)
28.(Roman) Augustus as Pontifex 
29.(Roman) Augustus 
30.(Roman) Augustus, 35 - 29 BC 
31.(Roman) Augustus 
32.(Roman) Augustus 
33.Polycleitos Doryphoros Head 
34.(Roman) Augustus of Prima Porta 
35.Augustus from Prima Porta 
36.Polycleitos, (Greek), -450BC- -400BC Doryphorus 
37.(Roman) Augustus of Prima Porta 
38.(Etruscan) Temple 
39.(Etruscan) Temple 
40.(Etruscan) Temple according to Vitruvius
41. (Being Scanned)


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