Roman Art and Architecture

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Lecture 26:

Model by I. Gismondi, 1937-61,Roman Civilization, center from SW; Aventine, Circus Maximus,.
Roman Aqueduct, general view
Aqueduct of Claudio, view of aqueduct and Porta Maggiore.
Aqueducts, painting showing convergance of aqueducts around Rome (Aqua Claudia, Marcia, Tepula, & Iulia.
Timgad, Roman grid at its most perfect, founded AD 100.
Roman Aqueduct, plan of layout.
Palladio,Maison Carree, ext: facade, angle view.
Pont du Gard, airview
Pont du Gard,ext:general view
Pont du Gard,ext:general view, from west. (Commercial)
Pont du Gard, general view
Pont du Gard,view.
Roman Construction: Arch, centering.
Pont du Gard, cartoon
Roman Empire, Provinces in Africa from the reign of Augustus to Hadrian.
Aqueduct, distant general airview
Aqueduct, distant airview


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