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Lecture 27:

Ostia, map of archaeological sites in region
Ostia Port, plan of Ostia and port of Rome (C.A. Carpiceci after Gismondi and Testaguzza)
Ostia Port, reconstruction model of Port of Trajan (Gismondi, Museo Porta San Paolo).
Ostia, airview.
Ostia, plan of city
Ostia,plan of center streets determined by roads radiating from the 4 gates of the 4c BC castrum-heavy dotted lines.
Gismondi, Italo, (Italian), Gismondi Plan of Regions and Blocks, Ostia. Part 4.
(Roman), Foro della Corporazioni, reconstructed bird's-eye view from Tiber by C.A. Carpiceci.
Apartments Blocks on Via dei Balconi, exterior view.
Apartments Blocks on Via dei Balconi, model.
Insula with Cookhouse on Ground Floor,reconstructed facade drawing.
Apartment House, restored view.
Insula degli Aurighi, exterior view.
Ostia,plan of 4th & 5th c. by Gismondi, via della casa di Diana.
Apartments Blocks on Via dei Balconi.Garden Houses,view form above along main e-w axis of the complex.
Apartments Blocks on Via dei Balconi.Garden Houses, plan.
Ostia, reconstruction drawing of the city with garden houses insula in pink.
Gismondi, Italo, (Italian), Gismondi Plan of Regions and Blocks, Ostia. Part 8. 1950.
(Roman),Forum Baths, plan.
Forum Baths,box tile jacketing and marble crustae showing heating.
(Roman),Horrea Group. plan of distribution.
(Roman),Great Horrea. reconstruction model by I. Gismondi. Museo Porta S. Paolo.
Ostia Horrea Espagathiana. Entr.&Environs from West. (Commercial).
Ostia Horrea Epagathania.Antonine.2nd C. AD.Ext;Facade Entrance. (Commercial).
(Roman), Baths of Neptune,plan, Hadrianic.
(Roman),Baths of Neptune, mosaics: part of sea monster, Hadrianic.
Ostia, Public Latrine near Forum Baths. View: of Remains. (Commercial)
Ostia, map of harbor city of ostia founded 350 BC.


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