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Course Name: Roman Art and Architecture

Prof:{ Haselberger }

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Lecture: Lecture 22

Trajan's Column , ext: view of whole, looking up , (Roman)
Column of Trajan , West Side, Bands 4-12 down from top
Column of Trajan , detail of sculpture
Column of Trajan , Looking Up
Column of Trajan Cartoon
Column of Trajan , South East Side: Diagrams of Appearances of Trajan and Dacian Leaders
Forum of Trajan, Market , isometric drawing , (Greek), Apollodorus, d.129
Forum of Trajan, Market , interior of market hall, main aisle
Forum of Trajan, Market , plan of market hall at gallery level
Forum of Trajan, Market , int: market hall, shop fronts and groin vaults
Forum of Trajan, Market , interior of hall
Roman Construction: Computer generated diagrams of Barrel and Groin Vaults and Hemispherical Dome
Pantheon , model: Antonio Chichi, 1782:Interior wall paneling before 1747. Kassel: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen
Pantheon , model: Plan of Hadrianic Pantheon w/adjacent structures
Baths of Diocletian , Plan. Coarelli, Guide Arch. di Roma
Baths of Diocletian , ext: central part
Pantheon , Arial view with Piazza and surrounding buildings
Pantheon , ext: aerial view towards facade
Roman Civilization, Campo Marzio from north: Theater of Domition, Theaters of Balbus and Pompey , Model by I. Gismondi, 1937-61
Pantheon , ext: facade
Pantheon , model: Plan of Hadrianic Pantheon w/adjacent structures
Parthenon , exterior south flank , Ictinus, (Greek)
Pantheon , ext: S.E. view of drum from the rear
Pantheon , ext: dome from the north east
Pantheon , ext: facade
Pantheon , drawing of facade
Pantheon , restored facade from eye level in antiquity


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