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Roman Art and Architecture

Prof: Haselberger

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Lecture 25:

Pantheon, model: aerial view.
Pantheon, design by P. Comparini.
Pantheon,drawing of facade.
Pantheon, restored facade from eye level in antiquity.
Pantheon, construction: front elevation, Leclere, 1813. detail.
Pantheon, CONSTR: drawing of facade w/working drawing.Haselberger 1985.
Pantheon, ext: detail of porch.
Pantheon, ext: detail of portico.
Pantheon,model Antoni Chichi.1782 cork. interior wall panelling since 1747. Kassel, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen.
Pantheon,model: Plan of Hadrianic Pantheon w/adjacent structures.
Pantheon, cross section showing shape and irregularity.1989.
Pantheon, interior.
Pantheon, int: view showing entrance.
Pantheon, int: coffered roof/dome.(Commercial)
Pantheon,int: detail of cupola.
Pantheon, construction: exterior of oculus.
Pantheon, int: view looking up.
Pantheon, section including portico, detail upper half.
Pantheon,Structure: view of interior with lines of stress. detail, Haselberger 1992.
Pantheon,perspective drawing of niche area to left of entrance. Armanini, 1898, c.118-c.128.
Pantheon, Diagram of lines of force upon relieving arches
Pantheon,Structural system between levels II and III
Pantheon,ext: rotunda. (commercial)
Pantheon, General View
Pantheon,int: niche, full view.
Pantheon int: looking down
Pantheon, int: marbles of floor paving, recktangle w/black circle inside.
Typical Rocks used in Construction
Roman Empire, Economic expansion c. 200 AD
Pantheon, Cross section after Desgodets, by Fischer. c1810.
Pantheon, int: by Pannini, held in Nat. Gallery of Art, Wash, c1735.
Hagia Sophia, ext: Aerial view, looking east
Anthemius of Tralles, Hagia Sophia, ext: south upper face
Anthemius of Tralles, Hagia Sophia, sketch of dome structure
Anthemius of Tralles, Hagia Sophia,plan of dual butressing system.
Hagia Sophia,ext: Aerial view of dome looking west
Anthemius of Tralles,Hagia Sophia, exterior: view from SE minaret, dome.
Anthemius of Tralles,Hagia Sophia, restoration: cross section.
Anthemius of Tralles Hagia Sophia, lithograph by G. Fossati, 1852, interior.
Pantheon,model by Gismondi.
Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon,ext: total from Philapappus hill.


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