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Class #5 and #6 :

1, (Etruscan), Temple: reconstructed model after Vitruvius.

2, (Etruscan),Temple: reconstructed model after Vitruvius

3, Polycleitos, (Greek), -450BC- -400BC, Doryphorus, reconstruction
4, Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon , ext:facade detail
5, Laugier, Marc Antoine, (French), 1711-1769, Essai sur l'Architecture, frontispiece: primitive hut
6, (Roman), Roman Construction, Model of Porta Praetoria showing construction of walls
7, (Roman) ,Augustus of Prima Porta,whole: view
8.Map of the Roman Empire at the Time of Augustus, whole
9,Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, restored facade
10.Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, reconstruction of facade, Sillan and Archaic periods
11,Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, plan and elevation
12,Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, plan
13,Gismondi, Italo, (Italian), Model of Rome, center from east: Capitolium, Forum Romanum, Fora Imperial
14. (Etruscan) Sanctuary Temple B.
15.(Etruscan) Sanctuary Temple A, c460 BC.
16.(Etruscan) Sanctuary Temple A, c460 BC.
17.(Etruscan) Sanctuary Temple A, c460 BC.
18.(Etruscan) Sanctuary Temple A, c460 BC.
19.(Etruscan) Sanctuary Temple A, c460 BC.
20. (Etruscan) Sanctuary 
21.(Etruscan) Sanctuary aerial view after excavation of 1964, 1964
22.(Etruscan) Pyrgi  plan of site showing modern roads
23.(Etruscan) Pyrgi aerial view showing Santa evera castle with remains of harbor in foreground
24, Pantheon, ext: S.E. view of drum from the rear
25, Pantheon, model: Plan of Hadrianic Pantheon w/adjacent structures
26,Pantheon, ext: facade
27. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon,exterior south flank

28.Ictinus, (Greek) , Parthenon,ext: total from northwest section

29, Temple of Minerva, or Apollo (Menvra or Aplu) model

30. Temple of Minerva, or Apollo (Menvra or Aplu)

31.Temple of Minerva, or Apollo (Menvra or Aplu)
32.Temple of Minerva, or Apollo (Menvra or Aplu)
33.(Etruscan) House. Urn in shape of a Hut
34. (Being Scanned)
35.Temple of Minerva, or Apollo (Menvra or Aplu) ext: general view
36.Temple of Minerva, or Apollo (Menvra or Aplu)
37.Temple of Minerva, or Apollo (Menvra or Aplu
38.Temple of Minerva, or Apollo (Menvra or Aplu)
39.Temple of Minerva, or Apollo (Menvra or Aplu)


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