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Lecture 20:

Ara Pacis, ext: west facade.
Ara Pacis,ground plan with scheme of reliefs.
Ara Pacis,east-west section.
Ara Pacis, SCPT: Altar, North Frieze, Vestals, left.
Ara Pacis, ext: left section, west side.
Ara Pacis,SCPT: marble, floral decoration, plaque, left half, West facade, detail: Acanthus Calyx.
Ara Pacis, SCPT: West facade, left half: Aeneas Sacrificing to Penates.
Ara Pacis,SCPT:E facade left half, Tellus, entire panel.
Ara Pacis,SCPT: E facade, left half: det: Nymph on swan.
Ara Pacis,section from N.W.
Ara Pacis,Scheme of Reliefs.
Ara Pacis,SCPT: South processional frieze, reconstruction of wall.
Ara Pacis, ext: view from SW of right half of W entrance & S wall.
Ara Pacis, SCPT: South processional frieze, Pontifices and Augures.
Ara Pacis, SCPT: South processional frieze, Augustus, head from front.
Ara Pacis,SCPT: marble, South processional frieze, rt half, Flamine and Family of Augustus with scroll frieze.
Ara Pacis, SCPT: marble, South processional frieze, Family of Augustus, detail: Agrippa, Julia and Lictor.
Ara Pacis, SCPT: marble, South processional frieze, Family of Augustus.
Mausoleum of Augustus, general view from above.
Ara Pacis, reconstruction, east side.
Map of the Roman Empire from Augustus to Hadrian, whole.
Trajan, Bust,front.
Model by I. Gismondi, 1937-61, Roman Civilization, center from NW; Colosseum & Pantheon.
Forma Urbis Romae by Lugli and Gismondi.(In Process)


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