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Lecture 18:

Solarium of Augustus, Obelisk Mausoleum and Ara Pacis, Perspective drawing, Buchner 1976.
Solarium of Augustus, ext: pavement marking in bronze.
Solarium of Augustus, ext: inscription from Obelisk.
Solarium of Augustus ext: Obelisk in present location
Solarium of Augustus, Site Plan: B=Obelisk/Gnomen AP=Ara Pacis M=Mausoleum J=Ustrino (after Buchner 1976).
Forum of Augustus, reconstruction drawing, SE portico, perspective.
Forum of Augustus , reconstruction drawing, SE portico, perspective
Ictinus, (Greek),Parthenon, southeast angle.
Forum of Augustus, ext: general view.
Erechtheum. Caryatids Porch, ext: view from south (1999). N/A Commercial Image
Forum of Augustus,SCPT: caryatids of portico.
Forum of Augustus, model, inner exedra portico.
Forum of Augustus, plan of forum.
Forum of Augustus,model view from above.
Forum of Augustus. Temple of Mars Ultor,schematic drawing of front facade from the NW.
Forum of Augustus. Temple of Mars Ultor.
Forum of Augustus. Temple of Mars Ultor, SCPT: detail capital.
Forum of Augustus. Temple of Mars Ultor, ext: detail of trabeation.
Forum of Augustus. Temple of Mars Ultor, ext: temple and entrance.
Forum of Augustus. Temple of Mars Ultor, ext: general angle view of remains.
Model by I. Gismondi, 1937-61, Roman Civilization, center from E.:Capitolium, Forum Romanum, Fora Imperial.
Mausoleum of Augustus,exterior: aerial view.
Mausoleum of Augustus, reconstruction by Hesberg, 1992.
Mausoleum of Augustus, reconstruction model.
Mausoleum of Augustus,ext: aerial view.


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