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1/29, 1/31, 2/5. 2/7 (Prehistoric, Ancient Near East, Egypt)
2/4 (Archaic Greece)
2/23 Beginnings of Roman Space
2/26 (Roman Public Space)
2/28 (Roman Private Space)
3/2 (Roman Spatial Extravagance)
3/5 (Roman Manifestations of Power)
4/2 (Romanesque)
4/4 (First Gothic)
Islamic Architecture        

images from Prof. Pittman's lectures on 1/29, 1/31, 2/5, and 2/7 (Prehistoric, Ancient Near East, Egypt):

1. (Prehistoric), Lascaux, Dordogne,France. Two bull bisons- total width 8 ft.
2. Prehistoric, (France), Two Clay Bison, view from above.
3. Prehistoric, Venus from Willendorf, front.
4. (Prehistoric), Magdalenian, Carved Horsehead.
5. (Iranian), Neolithic, Boar from Tepe Sarab,whole .
6. Neolithic, (Palestine), Jericho: Human Skull with plaster features,skull with plaster features and cowrie shell eyes.
7. Neolithic Catal Huyuk, Level II, Shrine Grain Bin, Enthroned Female Figurine
8. Neolithic, (Anatolia), Catal Huyuk: Shrine E VII, Pregnant Goddess: painted relief.
9. Painted Shrine of Level 6, reconstruction drawing with rec. drawing B10 & 14
10. Houses of Level 6, reconstruction drawing and interior of typical main room.
11. (Mesopotamian), Neolithic, Nude Female Figurines from Tell es-Sawwan, whole
12.Uruk/Jemdet Nasr, Male Statuette. Priest-king from Uruk.front view - Proto-literate period.
13. (Mesopotamian), Uruk-Jemdat Nasr,Vase from E-anna precinct, Uruk. three views
14. (Mesopotamian), Uruk-Jemdet Nasr, Vase from E-anna precinct, Uruk. drawing of Warka vase
15. (Mesopotamian), Warka Tablet, Uruk.
16. Late Uruk period Uruk/Jemdet Nasr, Cylinder seal: Presentation of Offerings. Found Southern Mesopotamia, probably Uruk, seal showing the priest king and servant brining offerings to the symbols of the goddess Inanna.
17. (Egyptian), Statuette of Imhotep, late period.
18. (Egyptian), King Zoser .
19. (Egypt), 3rd Dynasty, Zoser Step Pyramid, south tomb, interior view
20. Palette of Narmer, Reverse.
21. Ramses II Temple, int: with seated Gods, distant.
22. (Egyptian), Hawk Stele of King Zet (Wadji) from Abydos,whole.
23. (Egypt), Imhotep, 3rd Dynasty - Old Kingdom,Zoser precinct. South Tomb, reconstruction of chamber, painting by Firth
24. 4th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Seated Figure of Cheops from Abydos.4th Dynasty.


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