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1/29, 1/31, 2/5. 2/7 (Prehistoric, Ancient Near East, Egypt)
2/4 (Archaic Greece)
2/23 Beginnings of Roman Space
2/26 (Roman Public Space)
2/28 (Roman Private Space)
3/2 (Roman Spatial Extravagance)
3/5 (Roman Manifestations of Power)
4/2 (Romanesque)
4/4 (First Gothic)
Islamic Architecture        

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2/4: Archaic Greece:

(Greek) Second Temple of Hera. conjectural elevation, mid 7th century BC
(Greek) Heraion II, Hecatompedon I & II reconstruction plans, cross section and warrior frieze
(Greek) Hera Temple
(Greek) Hera Temple ground plan
Hera Temple ext: column at west end
(Greek) Wood Origin of Greek Orders after Benoit n.1-2: Parthenon; n.3-5: Temple of Athena, Priene
(Greek) Temple C front elevation, after Koldewey 1899
Temple C (Temple of Apollo) N/A Commercial Image
Paestum Basilica N/A Commercial Image
(Greek) Basilica (Temple of Hera I) interior, looking east from west end of pteroma
(Greek) Basilica (Temple of Hera I) plan, c.550 BC
Temple of Hera N/A Commercial Image
Temple of Artemis (later) restored drawing
Temple of Artemis archaic plan restored by Dr. Murray


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