Arth 004

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1/29, 1/31, 2/5. 2/7 (Prehistoric, Ancient Near East, Egypt)
2/4 (Archaic Greece)
2/23 Beginnings of Roman Space
2/26 (Roman Public Space)
2/28 (Roman Private Space)
3/2 (Roman Spatial Extravagance)
3/5 (Roman Manifestations of Power)
4/2 (Romanesque)
4/4 (First Gothic)
Islamic Architecture        

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Lecture: Islamic Architecture lectures 1-2

Mecca., general view of city
Dome of the Rock, N/A Commercial Image
Dome of the Rock (Qubbat al-Sakhra) , isometric dwng from Choisy, "Histoire de l'architecture"
Muhammad's House after Change of Qibla., plan with enlargement of Umar:B, enlargement of Uthman C
Great Mosque, ext: bird's eye view, Kairouan, Tunisia
Great Mosque, int: Mihrab-caved marble panels, some with inscription
Great Mosque , int: view of mihrab and minbar
Alhambra , plan , Granada
Alhambra, view from north N/A Commercial Image
Alhambra , Court of the Myrtles, north view with comares tower
Alhambra , Stucco detail: doorway of Comares slaon, 1354-1391
Alhambra , Court of the Lions, sections by Gouvey Jones, 1354-1391
Alhambra , int: Hall of Abencerrajes, ceiling
Taj Mahal , India, Agra
Taj Mahal , Plan & Section


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