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The Built Environment

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1/29, 1/31, 2/5. 2/7 (Prehistoric, Ancient Near East, Egypt)
2/4 (Archaic Greece)
2/23 Beginnings of Roman Space
2/26 (Roman Public Space)
2/28 (Roman Private Space)
3/2 (Roman Spatial Extravagance)
3/5 (Roman Manifestations of Power)
4/2 (Romanesque)
4/4 (First Gothic)
Islamic Architecture        


St. Michael, 1001-33. int: nave with restored ceiling.
St. Michael. Plan of Ottonian Church after Beseler.
S. Sernin, begun 1030, Toulouse (N/A commercial slide)
S. Sernin. plan.
Abbey Church. S. Savin-sur-Gartempe, 11th c. .int: Great nave
Abbey Church. S. Savin-sur-Gartempe. perspective drawing, facade.
S. Front Cathedral, Perigeux. interior looking west from choir, 1120-1173.
S. Front Cathedral. transverse cross section, 1120-1173.
S. Philibert, 10th - 11th c. (N/A commercial slide)
S. Philibert. nave vaults from south side of aisle, 950-1100.
Speyer Cathedral. 19th century lithograph before restoration, 1082-1106.
Speyer Cathedral. pen and ink drawing by Wenzel Hollar, 1082-1106.
S. Ambrogio 11th-12th c. int: view of nave towards choir.
S. Ambrogio. plan.
Durham Cathedral, begun ca. 1093. Principle view of nave towards E. (N/A commercial slide)
Durham Cathedral. Vaulting: nave vaults.
S. Etienne, 1067-1215. int: nave and vaults to East (N/A commercial slide)
Abbaye-Aux-Hommes (S. Etienne). int: Nave Vaults.


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