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1/29, 1/31, 2/5. 2/7 (Prehistoric, Ancient Near East, Egypt)
2/4 (Archaic Greece)
2/23 Beginnings of Roman Space
2/26 (Roman Public Space)
2/28 (Roman Private Space)
3/2 (Roman Spatial Extravagance)
3/5 (Roman Manifestations of Power)
4/2 (Romanesque)
4/4 (First Gothic)
Islamic Architecture        

3/5: Roman Manifestations of Power

Leptis Magna. Severan Basilica. reconstruction of interior. 210-216.
Leptis Magna. Severan Basilica, 210-216. plan by Apollonj-Ghetti.
Circus of Maxentius. model at Memorial Hall, Philadelphia.
Rome. Circus of Maxentius. 1-3rd c. AD. Plan.
Rome. Arch of Septimius Severus. 203 AD. ext: total view from forum, east side.
Rome. Baths of Caracalla. Begun 3rd c. AD. Model.
Rome. Baths of Caracalla. plan after Coarelli. modified w/o identification numbers.
Rome. Baths of Diocletian. ext: central part.
Rome. Baths of Diocletian, c. 300. Plan. Coarelli, Guide Arch. di Roma.
Salonica. S. George. 4th c. ext: general view w/rotunda.
Salonica. S. George (Hagios Georgios). int: view from apse.
Trier. Basilica (Palace of Constantine), 4th c. ext: apse end, angle view
Trier. Basilica (Palace of Constantine). int: view towards apse.
Rome. S. Giovanni in Laterno. Isometric reconstruction as in 320.
Rome. Old S. Peter's. 15th century plan showing projected basilica of Nicholas V.
Milan. S. Lorenzo, 5th c. Plan.
Milan. S. Lorenzo. int: general view.
Anthemius of Tralles. Istanbul. Hagia Sophia, 532-537. int: general view from gallery.
Anthemius of Tralles. Hagia Sophia. plan


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