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First American Avant Garde II Synchronism / Abstraction
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David Smith

Smith, David, 1906-1965, (American). Untitled (Virgin Islands with Boat), 1932.
Smith. Construction, 1932.
Smith. Head with Cogs for Eyes, 1933.
Smith. Suspended Figure, 1935.
Smith. Untitled (Billiard Players), c. 1936.
Smith, Interior, 1937.
Smith. Amusement Park, 1938.
Smith. Spectre of War, 1944.
Smith. Home of a Welder, 1945.
Smith. Sketches for the Home of the Welder, 1945.
Giacometti, Alberto, 1901-1966, (Swiss). Palace at 4 A.M., 1932-33.
Smith. Steel Drawing I , 1945.
Smith. Helmholtzian Landscape, 1946.
Smith. Hudson River Landscape, 1951.
Smith. Star Cage, 1950.
Smith. Australia, 1951.
Smith. Hero, 1951-52.
Smith. Untitled, c. 1953.
Smith. Tamtotem IV, 1953. (N/A commercial slide)
Smith. Lonesome Man, 1957.
Smith. Twenty-Five Pieces, 1958.
Smith. Zig II, 1961.
Smith. Cubi I, 1963.
Smith. Photograph of Sculptures: Cubi XVIII, Cubi XVII and Cubi XIX.
Smith on the terrace overlooking sculpture park at Bolton Landing.
Smith. Becca, 1965.

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