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First American Avant Garde II Synchronism / Abstraction
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Jackson Pollock

Pollock, Jackson, 1912-1956, (American). Going West, 1934.
Pollock. Composition with Red Arc and Horses, c. 1934-38.
Pollock. The Flame, 1937.
Pollock. Untitled, c. 1937.
Pollock. Orange Head, c. 1938.
Pollock. Psychoanalytic Drawings, 1938-40.
Pollock. Birth, c. 1938.
Pollock. Male & Female, c. 1942.
Pollock. Stenographic Figure, 1942.
Pollock. Moon Woman Cuts the Circle, 1943.
Pollock. She-Wolf, 1943.
Pollock. Guardians of the Secret, 1943.
Pollock. Mural, 1943.
Pollock. Night Mist, c. 1944.
Pollock. Gothic, 1944.
Pollock. The Key, 1946. (N/A commercial slide)
Pollock. Sounds in the Grass: Shimmering Substance, 1946.
Pollock. Eyes in the Heat, 1946.
Pollock, Galaxy, 1947.
Pollock. Full Fathom Five, 1947.
Pollock. Number 1A, 1948.
Pollock. Autumn Rhythm: Number 30, 1950.
Pollock. Number 32, 1950.
Pollock. Black and White No. 15, 1951. (N/A commercial slide)
Pollock. Echo, 1951 (N/A commercial slide)
Pollock. Blue Poles, 1952.
Pollock. Portrait and a Dream, 1953.
Pollock. The Deep, 1953.
Krasner, Lee, b1908-, (American). Noon, 1946.
Krasner, Lee. Abstract #2, 1946-48.
Krasner, Lee. Composition, 1949.
Krasner, Lee. Continuum, 1949. (N/A commercial slide)

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