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American Abstraction :

Prof: Mcnickle


First American Avant Garde II Synchronism / Abstraction
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First American Avant Garde II incomplete:

Hartley, Marsden, 1877-1943, (American) Musical Theme (Oriental Symphony) 
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1972, (Spanish)  Landscape with Posters 
Kandinsky, Wassily, 1866-1944, (Russian) Impression V - Park 
Hartley, Marsden, 1877-1943, (American) Portrait of a German Officer 
Hartley, Marsden, (American), 1877-1943 New Mexico Recollection 
Weber, Max, 1881-1961, (American) Apollo in Matisse's Academy 
William Hayes Ackland Memorial Museum Composition with Three Figures 
Weber, Max, 1881-1961, congo statuette
Weber, Max, 1881-1961 Music 1912
Weber, Max, 1881-1961 Interior with Still
Weber, Max, 1881-1961 Spiral
Weber, Max, 1881-1961, (American)  Rush Hour, New York 
Weber, Max, 1881-1961, (American) Athletic Contest [Interscholastic Runners]., 1915 
Weber, Max, 1881-1961, (American) Chinese Restaurant 
Weber, Max, 1881-1961, (American) New York at Night
Weber, Max, 1881-1961, (American) Interior with Women 


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