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First American Avant Garde II Synchronism / Abstraction
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Lecture Name:Lecture 6-7

1. Greene, Gertrude, 1904-1956, (American) Construction. painted wood construction 1936-37
2. Greene, Gertrude, 1904-1956, (American) White Anxiety. painted wood relief construction on composition board 1943-44
3. Greene, Balcomb, b1904, (American) Untitled. paper and pencil on paper mounted on paperboard 1936
4. Greene, Balcomb, b1904, (American) Composition. oil on canvas1940
5. Bolotowsky, Ilya, 1907-1981, (American) White Abstraction whole
6. Bolotowsky, Ilya, 1907-1981, (American) Golden Ground. oil on canvas 1936
7. Bolotowsky, Ilya, 1907-1981, (American) Study for "Mural for Health Building, Hall of Medical Science, New York World's Fair". oil on canvas 1938-39
8. Bolotowsky, Ilya, 1907-1981, (American) Abstraction (No.3). oil on canvas 1936-37
9. Bolotowsky, Ilya, 1907-1981, (American) Blue Diamond. oil on canvas 1940-41
10. Slobodkina, Esphyr, b.1914, (American) Biomorphic in Mustard. 1937
11. Slobodkina, Esphyr, b.1914, (American) Mechanics. 1938
12. Slobodkina, Esphyr,, b.1914, (American) Ancient Sea Song. oil on board 1943
13. Vytlacil, Vaclav,, 1892-1984, (American) City Scene #10. oil on canvas 1932
14. Vytlacil, Vaclav,, 1892-1984, (American) Untitled. tempera on board c.1935
15. Vytlacil, Vaclav,, 1892-1984, (American) Untitled. painted wood and mixed media 1937
16. Vytlacil, Vaclav,, 1892-1984, (American) Abstraction. casein tempera on board 1938
17. Matulka, Jan, 1890-1972, (American) Still Life with Guitar, Pears, Wine Pitcher, and Glass. c.1925
18. Matulka, Jan, 1890-1972, (American) Arrangement with Phonograph. oil on canvas 1929
19. Diller, Burgoyne, 1906-1965, (American) Untitled. oil on canvas 1933

20. Diller, Burgoyne, 1906-1965, (American) First Theme. 1939-40

21. Diller, Burgoyne, 1906-1965, (American) Second Theme.c.1938

22. Diller, Burgoyne, 1906-1965, (American) Construction. painted wood 1938
23. Diller, Burgoyne, 1906-1965, (American) Third Theme Construction. painted wood 1943
24. Pereira, Irene Rice,, 1907-1971, (American) Machine Composition #2. oil on canvas 1937
25. Pereira, Irene Rice,, 1907-1971, (American) Abstract. oil on canvas 1938
26. Pereira, Irene Rice,, 1907-1971, (American) Untitled. oil on glass construction 1939
27. Browne, Rosalind Bengelsdorf,, b.1916, (American) Still Life Study. oil on canvas 1935
27. Browne, Rosalind Bengelsdorf,, b.1916, (American) Seated Woman. oil on canvas 1938
28. McNeil, George J., b.1908, (American) Figural composition #2. oil on paper mounted on wood 1932
29. McNeil, George J., b.1908, (American) Composition: Black, Yellow, and Orange. oil on board 1937
30. Browne, Byron,, 1907-1961, (American) Head. oil on masonite 1935
31. Browne, Byron,, 1907-1961, (American) Still Life with Apples. oil on masonite 1935
32. Browne, Byron,, 1907-1961, (American)Head. oil on fiberboard 1938
33. Swinden, Albert,, 1899-1961, (American) Williamsburg Mural Study.casein on paper mounted on board 1937
34. Swinden, Albert,, 1899-1961, (American) Inspection of Space. oil on canvas c1944-48
35. Holtzman, Harry, 1912-1987, (American) Square Volume with Green. acrylic on gessoed Masonite recreation, 1982, 1936
36. Holtzman, Harry, 1912-1987, (American) Lateral Volume. oil and tape on board 1940
37. Holtzman, Harry, 1912-1987, (American) Sculpture (I). oil and acrylic on gessoed Masonite 1940
38. Glarner, Fritz, 1899-1972, (American) Relational Painting, Tondo No.1. oil on masonite 1944


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