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Van Gogh_Gauguin:

1.Bouguereau, Adolphe William,(French), Whisperings of Love,1889.
2. Gogh, Vincent van, (Dutch), La Berceuse (Woman Rocking a Cradle),1889.
3. Gogh, Vincent van,(Dutch), Night Cafe,1888.
4. Gogh, Vincent van,(Dutch) Starry night,1889.
5. Gogh, Vincent van,(Dutch) Wheat Field with Reaper,1889.
6. Gogh, Vincent van,(Dutch), The Sower, whole,1888.
7. Gogh, Vincent van,(Dutch) The Sower, det: sun ,1888.
8. Gogh, Vincent van,(Dutch), Self Portrait with Felt Hat,1887.
9. Gogh, Vincent van,(Dutch),Self-portrait with Palette ,1889.
10. Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique,(French), Portrait of M. Bertin,drawing.
11. Cezanne, Paul,(French),Parc du Chateau Noir.1900-02.
12. Cezanne, Paul,(French) Still Life with Apples,c.1875-7.
13. Cezanne, Paul,(French), Still Life with Compotier ,1879-80.
14. Cezanne, Paul,(French), Still Life with Apples. 1890-1900.
15. Cezanne, Paul,(French) Still Life with Apples.c.1895
16. Bouguereau, Adolphe William,(French), Birth of Venus,1879.
17. Cezanne, Paul,(French), Grandes Baigneuses,whole.1906.
18. Cezanne, Paul,(French), Grandes Baigneuses.detail :right-hand figure1906.
19. Cezanne, Paul,(French), Grandes Baigneuses. detail:left-hand figure1906.
20. Cezanne, Paul,(French), Mont Sainte Victoire.c.1904-6.
21.Cezanne, Paul,(French),Mont Sainte Victoire.c.1890-4.
22. Gauguin, Paul, (French) Jacob Wrestling with the Angel,1888.
23.Gauguin, Paul, (French), Yellow Christ,1889.
24.Gauguin, Paul, (French), Fatata Te Miti,1892.
25.Gauguin, Paul, (French), Matete (Market)1892.


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