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1. Constable, John, 1776-1837, (British), East Bergholt,1810. (Commercial).
2. Constable, John, 1776-1837, (British), Hay Wain, whole.1821.
3.Constable, John, 1776-1837, (British), Cloud Study: Horizon with Trees,whole: sketch.1821.
4. Constable, John, 1776-1837, (British),Coast at Brighton, Stormy Day.1828.
5. Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille, 1796-1875, (French), Rome: The Island of San Bartolomeo. 1827.
6. Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille, 1796-1875, (French), La Cervara.1830-1(Commercial).
7. Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille, 1796-1875, (French)Seine Landscape at Chatou.(Commercial).
8. Millet, Jean Francois, 1814-1875, (French) Sower.1850.
9. Millet, Jean Francois, 1814-1875, (French), Angelus,1855-7.
10. Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1897, (French), The Stone Breaker,whole.1849.
11. Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1897, (French),Burial at Ornans, whole.1849-50.
12. Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1897, (French),Burial at Ornans, detail: clergy,1849-50.
13. Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1897, (French),Burial at Ornans,detail: women.1849-50.
14. Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1897, (French), Studio of the Artist,whole.1855.
15. Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1897, (French), Studio of the Artist.detail: Model and Courbet .1855.
16. Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1897, (French), Self-portrait, whole 1845-6.
17. Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1897, (French), Studio of the Artist,detail-right: spectators, romantic couple, and Charles Baudelaire.1855.
18. Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1897, (French), Studio of the Artist. detail: group to left.1855
19. Manet, Edouard, 1833-1883, (French), Concert in the Tuileries. whole.1862.


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