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Manet and Impressionism:

1. Manet, Edouard, (French), Dejeuner sur l'Herbe, whole.1863.
2.Giorgione,(Italian), Pastoral Symphony, whole.1509.
3. Manet, Edouard, (French), Dejeuner sur l'Herbe, cf: Raimondi, after Raphael's Judgement of Paris.
4. Manet, Edouard, (French), Dejeuner sur l'Herbe,det: entire still-life, lower left.1863.
5. Manet, Edouard, (French), Victorine in Torreador Costume,whole.1863.
6. Manet, Edouard, (French), Olympia, whole.1865.
7. Titian, (Italian), Venus of Urbino,whole.1538.
8. Monet, Claude, (French), Impression - Sunrise, whole,1873.
9. Monet, Claude, (French), Boulevard des Capucines,whole.1873.
10. Morisot, Berthe,(French),Harbor at Lorient, whole.1869.
11. Morisot, Berthe,(French),Hide and Seek,whole.1873.
12.Cezanne, Paul, (French).Une Moderne Olympia, whole.1873.
13.Cezanne, Paul,(French), Quartier Four a Auvers, whole.1873-4.
14..Cezanne, Paul,(French), Quartier Four a Auvers.detail of houses.1873-4. (Commercial)
15. Pissarro, Camille, (French), Hoar Frost, Old Road to Ennery, Pontoise,whole,1873.
16. Pissarro, Camille, (French),Pond at Mountfoucault. 1874.(Commercial)
17. Monet, Claude, (French), Haystack in Winter, whole.1891.
18.Monet, Claude, (French), Haystacks, End of Summer,whole,1891.
19.Monet, Claude, (French), Haystack at Sunset: Snow Effect, whole1890-1.
20. Monet, Claude, (French), Poplars on Epte, whole.1890.
21. Monet, Claude, (French), Poplars on the Epte, whole.1891.
22. Monet, Claude,(French), Poplars, Sunset.1891.
23. Monet, Claude,(French), Poplars,whole.1891.


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