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The Macine Aesthetic

1. Boccioni, Umberto,(Italian), The City Rises,1910-11.
2. Leger, Fernand, (French), The City.1919.
3. Leger, Fernand, (French), The Mechanic.1920.
4. Rrose Selavy (Marcel Duchamp), whole: gelatin silver print.1921.
5.Picasso, Pablo, The Absinthe Glass.1914. (Commercial).
6. Jeanneret-Gris,Still Life with White Pitcher on Blue Background.1919
7. Jeanneret-Gris,Still-life with Pile of Plates.1920
8. Jeanneret-Gris,Plate from Vers une Architecture.1923
9. Ozenfant, Amedee, (French), Still Life with Glass of Red Wine.1922.
10. Ozenfant, Amedee, (French), Theme and Variations.1925.
11. Jeanneret-Gris,House of Ozenfant, exterior: facade, angle view,1929.
12.Jeanneret-Gris, House of Ozenfant, House of Ozenfant .1929.
13. Feininger, Lyonel, (American), Bauhaus Prospectus,1919
14.Plan of the Training Program in Weimar.
15. Brandt, Marianne, (German), Adjustable Ceiling Light.1927.
16. Jucker, Karl Jacob, (German), and Wagenfeld, Wilhelm Table Lamp.1923-4
17 Ray, Man, (American), Lampshade.1919
18. Brandt, Marianne, (German), Silver Tea Set .1924
19. Oppenheim, Meret,(Swiss) Luncheon in Fur.1936
20. Breuer, Marcel,(German), Steel Chair,ew with woman wearing mask by Schlemmer.
21. Breuer, Marcel,(German), Chair.
22. Tatlin, Corner Relief.1915
23. Tatlin, Monument to the Third International.1920
24. Lissitsky, Tatlin working on Monument to Third International.1922
25. Lissitsky, Constructor.1924
26.Lissitsky, Constructor. detail: hand, before montage.1924


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