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High Renaissance: The Making of Renaissance Rome

Prof: Campbell


Weeks 1-3
Week 3-4
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Weeks 1-3:

1.Fontana, Domenico, 1543-1607, (Italian) S. Giovanni in Laterano. Scala Santa
2. Arnolfo Di Cambio. Pope Boniface VIII. (Commercial)

3.(Italian)Biblioteca Ambrosiana Manuscript F227 Inferior

4. Giotto, 1266-1336, (Italian) Old S. Peter's 
5. Giotto, 1266-1336, (Italian), after -- Cavallini, Pietro, 1250-1330, Italian, after? S. Peter's
6.anonymous, 13c Bolognese?, (Italian) Boniface VIII
7.anonymous, 12c Roman, (Italy) Madonna Avvocata 
8. Rome, S. Maria In Aracoeli (Commercial)
9. Antoniazzo Romano,, act.1461-1508, (Italian) Madonna of Aracoeli with Pope Leo the Great, 1490.
10.Giotto, 1266-1337, (Italian) Stefaneschi Triptych 
11.Giotto, (Italian), 1266-1337 Stefaneschi Triptych 
12.Giotto, 1266-1337, (Italian) Stefaneschi Triptych 
13.Giotto, (Italian), 1266-1337 Stefaneschi Triptych 
14.Torriti, Jacopo, (Italian) S. Maria Maggiore, mosaics,apse: Coronation of the Virgin. Torriti. c.1294.
15.Torriti, Jacopo, (Italian), S. Maria Maggiore, mosaics,apse: Coronation of Virgin. Torriti. det:Nicholas V
16.S. Maria in Trastevere, mosaic,apse: Triumph of Maria Ecclesaia with scenes from Life of Virgin below, 12c
17. Cavallini, Pietro, act. 1269-1330, (Italian), S. Maria in Trastevere, Mosaics: Adoration of the Magi by Cavallini, early 1290's
18. Cavallini, Pietro, c1250-c1330, (Italian),S. Maria in Trastevere, mosaic, apse: Annunciation. Cavallini 13c
19.(Italian) S. Maria in Trastevere
20.Cavallini, Pietro, c1250-c1330, (Italian) Last Judgement 

21.Cavallini, Pietro, c1250-c1330, (Italian) Last Judgement 

22.Cavallini, Pietro, c1250-c1330, (Italian) Last Judgement 
23.Cavallini, Pietro, c1250-c1330, (Italian) Last Judgement. 
24.Cavallini, Pietro, c1250-c1330, (Italian) Last Judgement., early 1290's 
25.Cavallini, Pietro, c1250-c1330, (Italian) Last Judgement., Early 1290's
26. Cavallini, Pietro, (Italian), Last Judgement, det: St. Paul and Virgin
27.Arnolfo di Cambio, c1245-c1310, (Italian) Ciborium 
28. Arnolfo DI Cambio, c1245-c1310, (Italian) Ciboriumdet: upper
29.Arnolfo DI Cambio, c1245-c1310, (Italian) Ciborium 
30.Arnolfo DI Cambio, c1245-c1310, (Italian) Ciborium 
31.Arnolfo DI Cambio., St. Peter Rome (Commercial)
32.Master of St. Francis Cycle Assisi San Franceso Upper Church, S. Francis Cycle
33.Master of St. Francis Cycle Assisi San Franceso Upper Church, S. Francis Cycle 


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