Twentieth Century Art: 1900-1945:

Prof:Dr. Shell


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Lecture 9:

1.Dali, Salvador, Persistence of Memory,whole.
2. Leger, Fernand, (French), Grand Dejeuner, whole.
3. Bellmer, Hans, (German), Doll (La Poupee),whole.
4. Giacometti, Alberto,(Swiss),Disemboweled Woman,whole: view.
5. Giacometti, Alberto,(Swiss),Suspended ball,detail of ball.
6. Dali, Salvador,(Spanish),Soft Construction with Boiled Beans: Premonition of Civil War,whole.
7. Dali, Salvador,(Spanish), Lugubrious Game,whole.
8. Ray, Man,(American), Manikin designed by Man Ray for Expoisition du Surrealisme at the Galerie des Beaux Arts, Paris. photo by the artist, 1938.
9.Giacometti, Alberto,(Swiss), Hand Caught by the Fingers, whole.
10. Giacometti, Alberto,(Swiss),Spoon Woman,whole.
11. Giacometti, Alberto,(Swiss), Suspended ball,angle view.
12. Oppenheim, Meret,(Swiss),Luncheon in Fur,whole: close-up.
13. Giacometti, Alberto,(Swiss), Couple,whole: front.
14. Bunuel, Luis,(Spanish),Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog), two frames (eye and razor).
15. Ray, Man,(American), Erotique voilee (Meret Oppenheim a la presse),whole.
16.Ray, Man, (American), Indestructible Object,1958 replica of 1923 original object to be destroyed.
17.Ray, Man,(American), Glass Tears,whole - gelatin silver print.
18. Ray, Man,(American),Glass Tears, detail: one eye - gelatin silver print.
19. Ray, Man, (American), Neck, whole - gelatin silver print.
20. Ray, Man, (American),Untitled,whole: published in November 1936 Harper's Bazaar.
21. Surrealism,Revolution Surrealiste (No.11), whole: Le cinquantenaire de l'hysterie, 1878-1928.
22. Ray, Man,(American), Marquise Cassati, whole.
23. Ray, Man,(American),Violon d'Ingres, whole - gelatin silver print.
24. Magritte, Rene, (Belgian), Human Condition, whole.
25. Magritte, Rene, (Belgian), Door to Freedom,whole.
26. Magritte, Rene,(Belgian),Treachery of Images,whole.
27. Magritte, Rene, (Belgian),Key of Dreams, whole.
28. Magritte, Rene, (Belgian),Threatened Assassin, whole.
29. Miro, Joan,(Spanish),Harlequins' Carnival (La Carnaval des arlequins),whole.
30. Miro, Joan,(Spanish), Painting.1925.
31. Ernst, Max, (German),Entire City, whole.
32. Ernst, Max, Femmes 100 tetes, plate.
33. Ernst, Max, (German),Vision Provoked by the Nocturnal Aspects of Porte S. Denis, whole.
34. Ernst, Max, (German), Hoard, whole.
35.Ernst, Max, (German),Oedipus Rex, whole.
36. Ernst, Max, (German), Elephant of the Celebes,whole.
37. Chirico, Giorgio de,(Italian), Melancholy and Mystery of a Street,whole.
38. Ernst, Max, (German),Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale, whole.
39. Chirico, Giorgio de, (Italian),Sacred Fish.1918.
40.Chirico, Giorgio de,(Italian), Song of Love,whole.
41. Chirico, Giorgio de,(Italian), Uncertainty of the Poet, whole.
42. Masson, Andre, (French), Automatic Drawing, whole.
43. Cadavre exquis, whole: dwng by Man Ray, Yves Tanquy, Joan Miro & Max Morise.
44. Cadavre exquis - Exquisite Corpse, whole: dwng by Man Ray, Yves Tanquy, Joan Miro & Max Morise.
45. Ray, Man,(American), Andre Breton, whole.
46. Surrealism, Revolution Surrealiste (No.1), whole: cover.


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