Lecture 13: Mary Cassatt

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Grand Manner
History of Painting
Thomas Cole
Frederick Church
Genre Painting
Ideal Sculpture
Frontier: The Land
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Winslow Homer
Winslow Homer 2
Thomas Eakins
Mary Cassatt
Sargent, Chase, Beaux
Late 19th C. Sculpture
Late 19th Century Painting
Ashcan Group
Stieglitz Group
Urban Realism
Abstract Expression
Abstract Expression II

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1) Eakins, Thomas Arcadia c 1883
2) Eakins, Thomas Arcadia: Photograph of Thomas Eakins Playing....
3) Eakins, Thomas Arcadia. Eakins Photo of Ben
4) Eakins, Thomas The Swiming Hole 1883-5
5) Eakins, Thomas Swiming Hole:Eakins & Students in The... (Not Given)
6) Eakins, Thomas The Ladies Life Class 1879 By Alice Barber
7) Eakins, Thomas Pole Vaulter, Late 1900's
8) Eakins, Thomas Eakins, Nude and Female Model, Nude in Photo (Not Given)
9) Cassatt, Mary Woman and Child Driving 1879
10) Degas Edgar Place de la Concorde (Le vicomte Lepic) 1875
11) Cassatt, Mary At the Opera 1880
12) Renoir, Pierre "Loge" 1874
13) Cassatt Mary Lydia Reading the Morning Paper 1878
14) Cassatt Mary Lydia Casatt Working At A Tapestry Frame 1881
15) Cassatt, Mary A Cup of Tea 1880
16) Cassatt, Mary The Garden 1880
17) Morisot, Berthe Woman at Her Toliete 1879-80
18) Cassat, Marry The Morning Toilet 1886
19) Cassatt, Mary Little Girl in a Blue Armchair 1878
20) Cassatt, Mary Maternity 1889
21) Cassatt, Mary The Bath 1892
22) Cassatt, Mary The Caress 1902
23) Utamaro Kitagawa The Oiran Kasugano From the Tamahouse with Her Shinzo
24) Cassatt, Mary Woman Bathing 1891
25) Cassatt, Mary Lamp, 1891
26) Cassatt, Mary Bath Seventeenth state 1891
27) Cassatt, Mary Modern Woman 1893
28) Cassatt, Mary Modern Woman 1893
29) Cassatt, Mary Young Woman Picking Fruit 1892
30) Cassatt, Mary The Boating Party 1893-94