Art 711: Seminar in Indian Art: Sculpture Spring 1999 Jaffe room 201: Th. 1-3 and meetings in the PMA Professor Michael W. Meister, office: Jaffe 308 and Dr. Darielle Mason, Stella Kramrisch Curator of Indian and Himalayan Art Philadelphia Museum of Art

Thesis: This seminar will address issues of South Asian sculpture both in its architectural context and in the context of museum collections. Students will have access to the exceptional holdings of Indian sculpture in the Philadelphia Museum and will meet there from time to time throughout the semester to work with the collection and to explore issues of curating such a collection in a museum.

Resources: The University of Pennsylvania's South Asia Art Archive is located at the east end of the South Asia Reference Room on the fifth floor, west end, of the Van Pelt library. This archive contains ca. 70,000 photographs of sculptures and monuments in India. To gain access to this archive please contact the South Asia bibliographer, David Nelson, or his staff.

Books on Reserve: (Additional readings will be placed on reserve in the Fine Arts Library as needed.)

Desai, Vishakha N. and Darielle Mason, eds. Gods, Guardians, and Lovers: Temple Sculptures from North India A. D. 700-1200. New York: the Asia Society Galleries, 1993.

Fry, Roger. Last Lectures, with an introduction by Kenneth Clark. New York; Macmillan, 1939.

Kramrisch, Stella. Indian Sculpture. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1981 [New York, Oxford University Press, 1933].

Kramrisch, Stella. Indian Sculpture in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1960.

A Scavengers' Hunt: Use the library's on-line search facilities to see how many volumes you can find that deal with Indian sculpture. Some are useful, many are not, but it's worth knowing what is out there.