Arth 301 301
Living Monuments: India
Professor Michael Meister
Assignment 2

Second Week's Assignment:

Class handout: "Temples, Tirthas, and Pilgrimage, the Case of Osian." In Folk, Faith & Feudalism, ed. N. K. Singhi & Rajendra Joshi, Rawat Publications: Jaipur, 1995, pp. 67-75.

For discussion: What is the form of the temple in India? How does it come to be?

Readings: I've written several articles on temple form, of which this might be the simplest beginning:

"Fragments From a Divine Cosmology: Unfolding Forms on India's Temple Walls." In Gods, Guardians, and Lovers, Temple Sculptures from North India A.D. 700-1200, ed. Vishakha N. Desai and Darielle Mason New York: The Asia Society, 1993, pp. 94-115. (On reserve)

And for the theoretically more tough minded:"De- and Re-constructing the Indian Temple." Art Journal 49 (1990): 395-400.