Arth 301 301
Living Monuments: India
Professor Michael Meister
Assignment 1

First Assignment: For discussion next week, please read George Kubler's The Shape of Time with special reference to the issue of how art functions through time. Please take notes for discussion and prepare a two-page response paper on this reading.

A Scavengers' Search: The site of two of the temples in this study is the town of Osia (Osian) near Jodhpur in Rajasthan in western India. There are only some scattered sources that touch on this temple town, but not so handy of access. As an exercise in library searching, see what you are able to find before next week. One place to start: Meister, Michael W., et. al., eds. Encyclopaedia of Indian Temple Architecture. Vol. 2, part 2, Period of Early Maturity. (Look at the bibliography at the end of appropriate chapters, then check the catalogue).

Possible Themes for Class Discussion:

Using one research focus for a seminar allows students in a seminar still to learn broadly about any number of broader issues in relation to thattopic. We will read, report on, and discuss material of interest to students in the class covering this broader range of art historical issues. Some that may come up are:

Introduction: Art in Time What is a temple in India? How does it get its form? What of time and chronology? What of region and form? What of religion and community? How specific should we get?