ARTH 722
(AAMW 722)
Aegean Bronze Age:
Trade and Interconnections with theNear East
Instructor: Professor Betancourt
W 1-3

This seminar will consider problems dealing with the interchange of goods and ideas between the Aegean and the cultures of Western Asia and Egypt during the Late Bronze Age. Students will present oral papers on a wide variety of topics including the shipwrecks with evidence for interconnections, several specific categories of goods that were traded (pottery, stone vases, ivory and other raw materials, luxury goods in various materials, and others), wall paintings in Aegean style and technique found in Egypt, Israel, and elsewhere, artistic motifs with distribution across cultural boundaries, and other topics. Discussions will consider specific problems such as chronology, possible models for trade and interchange, and the balance between outside cultural influence versus local development. A written research paper on a topic chosen by the student is required.

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