ARTH 301-301
Space, Place, and Landscape in Contemporary Art
Instructor: Dr. Mattern
M 2-5

Decreasing frictions of distance, instantaneous global communications, virtual tourism, and a host of other phenomena characteristic of a Network Society, a Global Village, have supposedly transformed our conceptions of space and time. This seminar will focus on one of those cosmic dimensions, space, and how it has been, and is, explored in contemporary art. While much recent theoretical work has focused the themes of space and place, much recent creative work has examined such spatial themes as globalization, nationalism and spatialized identity, tourism, and placelessness. Our exploration of spatial theory will introduce us to works by Guy Debord, Henri Lefebvre, David Harvey, Gaston Bachelard, Jean Baudrillard, Paul Virilio, Michel De Certeau, Mark Auge, Michel Foucault, and Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, among others. We'll use these theoretical frameworks to examine how contemporary artists including Rachel Whiteread, Andrea Zittel, Doug Aitken, Julia Scher, Janett Cardiff, Andreas Gursky, and others address the concepts of space, place, and landscape.

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