ARTH 221/621
(AAMW 621)
Roman Art and Architecture
Instructor: Professor Kuttner
TR 10:30-12

Survey of the political, religious and domestic arts, patronage and display in Rome's Mediterranean, from the 2nd c. BCE to Constantine's 4th-c. Christianized empire - images (painting, mosaic, sculpture, luxury and mass-produced arts), and architecture & landscape architecture, in sanctuaries, cities and villas. We start with the Hellenistic cosmopolitan culture of the Greek kingdoms and late Etruscan and Republican Italy, and then map how a Roman high art culture was developed for the capital city, and was adapted to unify the Empire's many peoples from Britain to the Middle East.
No prerequisites. WATU-affiliated. Of interest also to students of classical, middle-eastern, and religious and medieval studies, history and anthropology. Open to graduate students as ArtH 621.

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