ARTH 002
(COLL 004)
The Rise of Modern Visual Media
Instructor: Professors Sidlauskas/Silver
MWF 1-2

We live in a world inundated with media and saturated with images. What might now be reported through television, documentary films, or magazines was once presented via illustrated texts and prints, or else commemorated in public murals or statues.

This course will follow the emergence of modern media-culminating in photography, posters, and film-in and increasingly public and democratic sphere of art. Social changes in courts and cities, especially in the wake of the Industrial and French Revolutions, resulted from increasing capitalism and democracy. Artists continually had to adjust to new roles, new media in culture and society, providing both critical and historical tools for visual literacy in the modern world.

This course replaces ARTH 102 in the daytime. While ARTH 102 continues to be offered in the evening, it will satisfy Distribution Requirement III: Arts and Letters for CGS students ONLY.

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