ARTH 722
(AAMW 722)
Palaces of Minoan Crete
Instructor: Professor Betancourt
R 5-7

Course Description

The Bronze Age Minoan palaces at Knossos, Malia, Phaistos, and elsewhere were great patrons of the arts, and the finest examples of Minoan painting, pottery, sculpture, and other media were produced by the palatial workshops. This seminar will examine the palatial styles in several media, with student presentations on Kamares Ware, frescoes, bronze sculpture, and other arts. It will also examine the history of the palace system in Bronze Age Crete, from its beginnings to its full development in the second half of the second millennium BC.

The course will include lectures by the instructor, guest speakers, student reports, and examination of the collection at the University Museum.

Two 50-minute seminar reports and a written term paper are required for the course.

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