ARTH 422
Professor: Pittman


April 10
Neo-Hittite, Anatolia, Map
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Plan of Area including Water Gate and Herald’s Wall
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, South Gate Drawing
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Water Gate View of South Side
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Reconstruction of Long Wall and Great Staircase (9th Century)
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Long Wall of Sculpture, View from Foot of Stairs
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Long Wall of Sculpture From Foot of Stairs
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Reliefs in Ankara Museum
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Chariot Relief from Long Wall
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Relief with Winger Bird/Men
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Statue with Lion and Genie
Neo-Hittite, Carchemish, Orthostat with Two-Headed Sphinx From Herald’s Wall
Neo-Hittite, Malatya, Stage Chase Relief
Neo-Hittite, Malatya, Orthostat A/8 Slaying of Serpent
Neo-Hittite, Malatya, Orthostat A/5 with Offering
Neo-Hittite, Malatya, Orthostat A/6 With Offering Scenes
Neo-Hittite, Malatya, Orthostat Relief, King Sulumeli
Middle Assyrian, Assur, Pedestal of an Emblem of Nusku
Aleppo, Relief of Storm God
Aleppo, Relief of Storm God
Neo-Hittite, Karatepe, South Portal, Relief of Banquet Scene
Neo-Hittite, Karatepe, North Portal, West Series, Basalt Reliefs
Neo-Hittite, Karatepe, Gate Sphinx C. 700 BC
Neo-Hittite, Ain Dara, Basalt Lion


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